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Lucy is online throughout the week with CAMHOP,  creating a RHYTHM of prayer & worship which you can join on FACEBOOK or YOUTUBE

Sunday - 9pm - The Gospel

Monday - 12pm - Midday Prayer

Wednesday - 8am - Morning Prayer

Friday - 9pm - Evening Prayer

Saturday - 9am - Song for Saturday

These times are normally around 15 minutes and include song, scripture, prayer and harp improvisation.

CAMHOP is away from online worship at the moment but will return in OCTOBER 2021.

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PDFs of Lucy's worship songs here

He brought me to a SPACIOUS place because he DELIGHTED in me

Psalm 18: 19

Cambridge House of Prayer is a PRAYER and WORSHIP community of people of all ages and backgrounds that passionately pursues the PRESENCE of GOD. CAMHOP is lead by Lucy Bunce and  Alistair Rouse.

We are non-demoninational and ecumenical and we stand with all Orthodox Christian traditions in proclaiming the name of JESUS CHRIST, our LORD and SAVIOUR.

May you be BLESSED as you join us to declare the GOODNESS of our GOD: Father, Son & Holy Spirit.