Lucy Teaching

Lucy has a small number of harp (lever and pedal) and music theory students which she teaches in her studio at home. If you are interested in studying with Lucy please do get in touch for a introductory harp lesson. She has very few slots available at present, so it may be a case of joining a waiting list. Some of Lucy's students take exams, normally ABRSM, pedal or non-pedal harp, but others make progress without taking formal tests. Lucy teaches harp technique and repertoire is wide-ranging and can include improvisation and how to sing with the harp.

Lessons are £21 for 30 minutes (£42 for 60 minutes, £31.50 for 45 minutes) and are given weekly, or every 2 weeks in school term times.

Lucy recommends hiring a Ravenna 26 or Ravenna 34, made by Dusty Strings as a first step. If you are wanting to buy a harp the Ravenna 34 is better as 26 strings aren't many when you get going! The following books are useful when starting out which are also available from Clive Morley Harps:

Minstrel's Gallery - Skaila Kanga

Harp Studies & Exercises for Trinity College

Please do get in touch with Lucy if you have any questions.

'Lucy has taught me for 9 years and although I've had positive experiences with other teachers at intervals, it is she who has always somehow known what I am capable of doing and guided me forward in the right way for me. With her support I have played in many different settings and I love the harp, it's been brilliant having a teacher who has made it all possible for me.'


'Lucy’s inspiring love of music comes through in her teaching, her style being perfect for children since she is relaxed and fun, at the same time keeping the lesson upbeat and ever flowing so that it is always energetic and motivational. However, as a parent I am glad that she can also be firm when needed. My daughter thoroughly enjoys her weekly lessons and we always return smiling.  I have noticed that Lucy also adopts her style to the needs of the child or of an adult. For me, a lesson is an event I much look forward to in a week. I am very selective with what I want to play but Lucy has kindly and knowledgeably instructed me through any pieces I might bring along, always accompanied by laughter, smiles and improvisation. Lucy is passionate about music in every way and her being multi skilled-talented in voice, piano and harp quite clearly shines out in her instruction. 

My daughter and I are so very glad and lucky to have found Lucy for a teacher and we cannot praise her enough!'