Lucy Bunce Voice & Harp

Welcome to the website of Lucy Bunce Singer, songwriter and harpist

Lucy is a professional musician, based in the beautiful city of Cambridge, UK. She divides her time between performing, recording, composing, teaching and worship-leading. She currently the Chaplaincy Harpist at Addenbrookes Hospital. Lucy leads worship in many church and ministry settings. This year she will again be playing each morning in the Prayer Garden at David's Tent as well as leading a very early morning slot in the main tent.

Available now - Lucy's new album - Where morning dawns and evenings fades

Lucy has released five solo albums: May the rain fall softly (2008), Penny on the water (2010), Somewhere between the words (2016) and Songs for Christmas (2017). Her fifth, Where morning dawns and evening fades was released at Easter 2019. This is a live album of mostly original worship songs, available on iTunes or here. You can also download leadsheets of Lucy's worship songs.

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