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The cost of a blessing is £400, payable in advance of the creative process, and includes the following:

1. A consultation of up to one hour to discuss what your requirements are. Often Lucy looks at the meaning of the recipient's name and some significant passages of scripture as a starting point for the blessing.

2. A framed copy of the song (A4, black or natural wood available). This will be in the form of a leadsheet, which includes the vocal line, words and chords. The copyright of the song will be retained by Lucy.

3. A video of the song (MP4) which can include a short explanation behind the compositional process. Lucy will sing the song, accompanying herself on harp.

4. For an additional fee Lucy maybe able to attend your event and give a live performance of the blessing for the recipient. The cost of this will vary: please ask for details.

If you are interested commissioning a blessing from Lucy please contact her ( to discuss your requirements.

Recommendations from previous commissions

"beyond beautiful . . . we are thrilled beyond words''

"the most beautiful gift I have ever received"

"deeply personal" ~ "what a gift . . . thank you Lucy"

DAVINA'S BLESSING (God of Comfort) in a difficult season

Sometimes there are no words…

The devastating diagnosis and the fears of months of gruelling chemotherapy… it was hard for anyone to find words of comfort and hope.

Then I was alerted to my inbox where my dear friend Lucy had just written to me. However, she had not just written to me, she had written for me a most precious gift, a blessing, God of comfort.

As I listened to the hauntingly beautiful melody and the carefully chosen words, speaking of comfort, refuge and peace, I bathed in the imagery of being surrounded with everlasting arms. My frightened soul felt just a glimpse of something greater than me that might just help to carry me through this torrid chapter.

As I prepared for those terrifying needles and the implications of all I had to go through I shared the blessing with my nurse the next morning.  It helped to create that oasis of calm and nourishment  in the desert experience where so much had been stripped away.

We don’t have to go through the trials and tribulations of life alone. Lucy’s blessing reminded me so gently but so powerfully that I was not alone. I sensed the comfort and refuge in the music that I struggled to find anywhere else at that time.

Thank you, Lucy, for this treasure.

RUTH'S BLESSING on the occasion of her ordination as priest

'This blessing was possibly the most beautiful gift I have ever received.  Not only is it comforting and encouraging to listen to God's words sung over you time and again but the words are so personal, it makes them even more profound.  To know Lucy explored the meaning of my name and vocation and to combine that with a passage of scripture which is particularly significant to me means that everytime I hear my blessing I am moved.  For me, this surely shows God's Spirit stirring me up, which is exactly what we are asking for when we pray a blessing!'

AARON & MARY'S BLESSINGS for peaceful bedtimes

'To describe the impact of Lucy's Blessings written for my children could be summed up simply by saying they have helped to permeate my children's minds and spirits with the peace of Heaven.

Peace comes from having a deepened sense of safety and protection and not being alone. These blessings are beautiful and simple and my children understand every word. They are deeply personal to each of them and they both love listening to them before settling to sleep for the night.

Declaring the love and protection and peace of God and all of Heaven through these unique songs of blessing, speaking into and over their lives, has helped to break a cycle of overwhelming fear in my son and has especially affirmed for my daughter how precious she is to God.

What a gift.  Thank you Lucy.'

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This page gives details of how you can commission Lucy to write a MUSICAL BLESSING for you, a family or a friend, to mark a special occasion or bring comfort in a difficult season.