Bless the hands that bless

(NHS Blessing)

Lucy wrote her NHS Blessing at the request of Dr Susie Hunt, who runs a clinincian support service called 'Doctors for Doctors' at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge, during the first lockdown in March 2020. Hearing of the immense pressure on NHS staff during early 2021 she contacted producer Chris Mitchell and they made a professional recording in 24 hours (both at their respective homes in Cambridge and Reading).

Thanks to significant media interest 'Bless the hands that bless' continues to reach the people who really need it.

As well as interviews and plays of the track on BBC Radio 2, Radio Cambridgeshire, Radio Kent, Cambridge 105 and CBN Lucy's blessing featured on FINDING HOPE, the Palm Sunday episode of BBC1 SONGS of PRAISE

Father of all, the WELLSPRING of life:

bless the hands that bless, I pray.

See pictures from Lucy's day recording  an exclusive video of

Bless the hands for BBC1 SONGS of PRAISE

'We listened together before we started a really busy day. It was a really precious time of peace and blessing. The phones were ringing before we started our shift, but the whole time we were in that moment they never rang once.' Tania & Kay, NHS Nurses

Bless the hands that bless, now care for the ones who care.

Father of hope give rest, protect all from despair.

Strengthen weary feet: as they walk in the way love,

kindness let us speak: reflecting you above.

Open the hands that bless,to receive what they need today.

Father of all, the wellspring of life:

bless the hands that bless, I pray.

© 2020 Lucy Bunce

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